About Us

I'm an American living in London and there are just a few things I still miss about home, it's homemade American pies. I am a professionally trained chef and avid baker so I have been making pies for family and friends for several years. I decided that my pies are too yummy to keep to myself so I started Four & Twenty Bakeshop. Now I can share my passion and love for baking and homemade pies with everyone.

All our pies are made from scratch with a flaky, all-butter crust and filled with fresh ingredients, just like I make them for the ones I love. We offer different flavours as the seasons change, but you can always make a special request for your favourite. So whether it is a classic pumpkin pie for your Thanksgiving table or a strawberry rhubarb pie made with deliciously sweet English strawberries, we hope you will order and enjoy our delicious pies.

Olivia Young
Grand Diplome:
Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute London 2009

"I love cooking, I fell in love with baking and pastry through my studies at Le Cordon Bleu. Now I get to marry my love of cooking and my passion for pies."